Welcome to my Book Blog! I’m Samantha, and I am a student at Ohio University studying communication sciences and disorders, and plan on continuing into the field of audiology. I enjoy reading books of all sorts and am trying to read 26 books this year. I also have a lifestyle blog, focusing on full and healthy living. Links to some of my other social media accounts are located in the sidebar.

This site is dedicated to reviewing books, sharing quotes I particularly liked, and anything else words move me to post. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or concerns below!

If you’ve read a great book recently (or maybe it’s a long-time favorite), or you have heard people talking about a book that sparks your interest, PLEASE let me know! I’m always looking for new books to read, and have a hard time choosing what to read when I’m about to start another book. Help me decide what to read, because maybe other people will see it and want to read it too! Submit these recommendations below, or via email, at sndavis94@gmail.com .

Happy Reading!


[8 books of 26 read]

(updated: June 28, 2016)


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