The Fireman– Words & Quotes

Words from The Fireman by Joe Hill:

  • prophylactic– intended to prevent disease
  • dyspepsia– indigestion
  • assuage– to make an unpleasant feeling less intense; relieve
  • parsimonious– stingy or frugal
  • apostate– someone who forsakes his religion, cause, etc.; traitor
  • diaphanous– very sheer and light
  • trepanation– a perforation of the skull by a trepan
  • contrition– remorse; sorrow
  • atelectasis– partial or complete collapse of the lung
  • abattoir– a slaughterhouse
  • insouciance– casual lack of concern; indifference
  • sepsis– a complication of an infection, in which the immune system’s response damages its body’s tissues or organs

Quotes from The Fireman by Joe Hill:

“The idea of being kept from your loved ones is scarier than the sickness for a lot of people.”

“There’s something horribly unfair about dying in the middle of a good story, before you have a chance to see how it all comes out.”

“The whole world can burn down around us. I’ll keep my arms around you until the end. No getting away from me.”

“It’s not your job to save the world.”

“In ten seconds he had her worrying about him again, when five minutes ago she would’ve been glad not to hear from him for a month. It embarrassed her, that she couldn’t hang on to her rage.”

“Isn’t it odd, how people with something to hide will pull the curtains at the front of the house, but never think to cover the windows out back.”

“I didn’t do anything to make all of you wonderful. You were that way when I found you.”

“Your personality is not just a matter of what you know about yourself, but what others know about you.”

“‘What part of the end of the world is funny to you?’ ‘All of it. Especially the arrogant notion that the world will end just because humans might not make it through this century.'”

“Most people took no more notice of the profoundly deaf than they did of their own shadows.”

“It’s easy to dismiss religion as bloody, cruel, and tribal. I’ve done it myself. But it isn’t religion that’s wired that way—it’s man himself.”

“Real women, on the other hand, have all these tiresome interests of their own, and own’t follow an outline.”

“Falling in love: what a horrible thing.”

“Even grief, it seemed, had an expiration date.”

“You don’t blame a match for starting a fire… You blame the person who strikes it. You were just a match.”

“I am always with you. Love never burns away. It just keeps on and on.”

“But we need kindness like we need to eat. It satisfies something in us we can’t do without.”


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