The Fireman– Review

The Fireman by Joe Hill (read August 7th, 2016)

People were going crazy about this book, written by Stephen King’s son. As a realistic, yet apocalyptic book, I was obviously interested. Although the amount of pages deterred me a bit, I decided that the hype had to mean something, and decided to embark on this adventure.

Holy smokes (get it?). This book just kept on going, and I was motivated to keep reading every time I cracked open the covers. Hill leaves the reader hanging on his words. Without them, this book would be a good book, but the inclusion of countless cliffhangers elevates it to a whole new level. So many times I would think, “I’ll finish this chapter and then go to bed.” Boy, was I wrong; I was constantly turning pages well into the night. Despite being one of the longest books I’ve read recently, it was one of the quickest reads of the year.

The characters and their consistency was also great. While they would do the unexpected sometimes, nothing was ever out of character. They all had their merits and their faults; each one was very different from the others. I loved them all at times, I hated them all at times.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially those who enjoyed Fahrenheit 451 or the Harry Potter series, as Hill admired those pieces of literature and modeled his work off of these in certain aspects.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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