The Fireman– Review

The Fireman by Joe Hill (read August 7th, 2016) People were going crazy about this book, written by Stephen King’s son. As a realistic, yet apocalyptic book, I was obviously interested. Although the amount of pages deterred me a bit, I decided that the hype had to mean something, and decided to embark on this adventure. Holy … More The Fireman– Review

The Fireman– Words & Quotes

Words from The Fireman by Joe Hill: prophylactic– intended to prevent disease dyspepsia– indigestion assuage– to make an unpleasant feeling less intense; relieve parsimonious– stingy or frugal apostate– someone who forsakes his religion, cause, etc.; traitor diaphanous– very sheer and light trepanation– a perforation of the skull by a trepan contrition– remorse; sorrow atelectasis– partial or complete … More The Fireman– Words & Quotes