The Girls– Words & Quotes

Words from The Girls by Emma Cline: cadge- to ask for or obtain penitent – someone who repents conflate- merge cogent- clear, logical, or convincing assiduous- showing great care and perseverance elegy- a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead accrual- gr0wth Quotes from The Girls by Emma Cline: “Sleek and thoughtless as sharks breaching the … More The Girls– Words & Quotes

The Girls- Review

The Girls by Emma Cline (finished July 29th, 2016) Before this book was even released, it was getting crazy reviews and a lot of hype of Litsy. Again, I thought, this is a new and current book that seems great, I should read it. Plus, I’m a huge sucker for stories and TV shows about cults, so … More The Girls- Review

Women- Words & Quotes

Words from Women by Charles Bukowski: diffident– shy, reserved Quotes from Women by Charles Bukowski: “I could feel vibrations running between us. Some of the vibrations were confused and not good but they were there.” “You don’t understand. Each time I finished dancing I came back and sat down next to you.” “It’s hard to drink when … More Women- Words & Quotes

Women- Review

Women by Charles Bukowski (finished July 17, 2016) One of my very good friends loves Bukowski and his poetry. She constantly told me to read something by him, because she loved “how raw he is.” So I finally did. This work is a novel, not poetry, but his writing is consistent between the two genres. This book … More Women- Review