Modern Lovers- Words & Quotes

Words from Modern Lovers by Emma Straub:

  • stymie- to hinder, block, or thwart
  • gamine- a neglected girl left to run about the streets; a diminutive/ slender girl, especially pert, impudent, playfully mischievous
  • palimpset- a parchment from which writing has been partially/ completely erased to make room for another text
  • terse- curt, concise, brief
  • interminable- unending
  • effete- lacking in vigor; worn out

Quotes from Modern Lovers by Emma Straub:

“Harry had lots of good ideas about who she should go out with instead, and they were all him.”

“Choices were easy to make until you realized how long life could be.”

“We were too busy to split up.”

“It was okay to grow out of things and keep them around.”

“‘Happy’ was a word for sorority girls and clowns…”

“…Elizabeth had sometimes wondered what it was like to feel that kind of desire and to send it back, gulping, even if it meant for a sharp letdown in the years to follow.”

“…Ruby had never, until this second, felt like she was watching herself become a part of someone else’s story.”

“It wasn’t the same as asking permission, nothing so archaic—it was about being on a team, being equal partners.”

“She was sticky inside him, a thin coating of lust and regret stuck to his insides like tar.”

“Who needed happiness when you had stability?”


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