Modern Lovers- Review

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub (read July 8, 2016)

If you keep up with ViW, then you probably saw a post from a couple weeks ago about an app for book lovers called Litsy. I’ve been using a lot to motivate me to keep reading, and as a way of sharing different quotes, experiences that I’ve had with the books, and my reviews to get more people to join us on the site. This book excited lots of people, so many people that I follow were posting about it. I’ve had trouble recently with finding recently published, new books to read, but Modern Lovers had a lot of praise, and it certainly did not disappoint in any of these regards.

The writing was so easy to read, the style was just really refreshing. The plot flowed really nicely. The chapters were really short, which I didn’t think I was going to like because it was so sporadic between characters and subplots, but I found it actually really nice. It kept me in the moment of what was going on with every character at that point. The plot itself was really natural and realistic. Old relationships and new prompted me to keep reading and learn about these lives that were happening.

Sometimes I think we get really attached to stories about falling in love. That seems to be everyone’s weakness: stories about love, and the creation of that new relationship, chasing someone and then finding out all the quirks about them that you didn’t know before. Straub tells a story with that, yes, but also about staying in love and keeping old relationships going. Staying in love and trying to keep that fire alive can be an even better tale, especially when there are so many obstacles that you didn’t expect, and maybe some secrets you never thought would come to light.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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