Black Lives Matter, and It’s Time to Speak Up. 

I know this isn’t a book post, but it’s important. 

People keep responding to the Black Lives Matter movement by insisting that all lives matter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if all lives matter, because that simply isn’t the issue. The sad truth about the world we are living in right now is that we have to convince people that, specifically, black lives are not worth less than white lives. I have never feared my life upon getting pulled over, or interacting with police officers. Police are supposed to serve and protect all people, regardless of their skin color; they are not to use their position as a way to carry out racist agendas. Saying black lives matter doesn’t degrade white lives, just as feminism doesn’t devalue men. So stop telling me that all lives matter, when a very specific group of people is being unreasonably attacked by enforcers of the law, and no one is doing a damn thing about it.

Don’t be quiet about this. It’s time that people stood up for each other. In the last few months, a white man raped a woman and got 6 months jail time, while black men doing nothing to warrant violence are killed by the people sworn to protect them. #BlackLivesMatter


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