Modern Lovers- Words & Quotes

Words from Modern Lovers by Emma Straub: stymie- to hinder, block, or thwart gamine- a neglected girl left to run about the streets; a diminutive/ slender girl, especially pert, impudent, playfully mischievous palimpset- a parchment from which writing has been partially/ completely erased to make room for another text terse- curt, concise, brief interminable- unending effete- lacking … More Modern Lovers- Words & Quotes

Black Lives Matter, and It’s Time to Speak Up. 

I know this isn’t a book post, but it’s important.  People keep responding to the Black Lives Matter movement by insisting that all lives matter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if all lives matter, because that simply isn’t the issue. The sad truth about the world we are living in right now is that we have … More Black Lives Matter, and It’s Time to Speak Up.