Litsy: I Love This App!

Hello, friends. A couple weeks ago, a sponsored Instagram post popped up on my feed, advertising a new app called Litsy (it’s free).

Litsy’s tagline is “where books make friends.” How cute is that. It’s basically Instagram and Goodreads combined in one app! You can post your favorite quotes, reviews or pictures of books, or any comment you have about reading in general or a book. You update what you are currently reading, have read, and to-be-read so people can talk about them with you.

Lots of bookstores and publishing houses have accounts, which is great for seeing what books are up-and-coming, and what they recommend. There are also book club accounts, where people pick a monthly book to read together, and the followers/members interact on posts and follow each other to discuss what they and others are reading.

If you’re into sharing your reading experiences with others, check Litsy out in your app store— and don’t forget to follow me, @voicesinwords.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.46.36 PM


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