Tuesdays with Morrie- Review

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom (read December 26, 2015)

A sort of memoir read by many in high school, Tuesdays with Morrie is regarded as a moving book filled with wisdom. It offers a true account of advice from a brilliant and dying man to one of his favorite students, and subsequently, to readers of this “final thesis.”

This book emphasizes the important of living; not as in having a beating heart and a working respiratory system, but enjoying what you do in all of your days. It shows the importance of giving back, of loving, and of community. It is a story of life’s teachings, and a dying man’s thoughts on life and society.

Written in a straight-forward style, much like the way Morrie, Albom’s mentor speaks, the reader is enlightened on the ways of our culture and the norms that we probably shouldn’t replicate. You learn that you don’t need to live in the culture around you, but rather can create your own culture to create a more fulfilling life.

Tuesdays with Morrie was quite an eye-opener to me, and reading it at the tail-end of the year was a very good time for me to read it. In conjunction with the New Year beginning, I have become inspired to a new way of living (obviously, this site will continue to be active, because I love books and sharing reading with this community). I want to be more engaged in my surroundings and in the things I love, and to share this with other people. To see the manifestation of this, visit this site. Fair warning, I created this very quickly, and some changes are bound to take place in this first month, but it’s a shameless plug. Everyone deserves to share the things they love, and I’d like to here about yours as well.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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