Go Set A Watchman- Review

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee (read August 13, 2015)

WARNING: If you have not read this yet and don’t want any clue of what happens, you may want to skip reading this one for now.

Despite being one of the most anticipated books of the summer, maybe even year, I found it to be a little disappointing. I enjoyed the writing style and even the character development, which was pretty controversial.

Readers, like Jean Louise, seemed to think that Atticus was a perfect man with virtuous morals and a mind that always knew the right thing to say. That belief was pretty much shattered in this book. From the moment we find Atticus in the courthouse listening to racist speaker, our view of him is completely altered. How could such a righteous man have such tainted and prejudiced opinions? I actually really appreciated when authors do something like this: taking a beloved character and have him or her do something that readers would hate, but is completely realistic (think George R.R. Martin).

While this aspect of the book was refreshing, the plot fell a little flat for me. As the sequel to TKAM, I was expecting a little more action.The subplot of Jean Louise’s love life was strong in the beginning, but lost momentum quickly, and later in the book, it was as though Lee forgot about it altogether, inserting bits in the middle to keep it relevant, seemingly as an afterthought. The main conflict in this book was very internal, with Jean Louise trying to grasp the fact that her father simply wasn’t the man she had looked up to all these years. This would’ve been alright except for the fact that there was essentially no resolution. Atticus tries to convince her that he was just trying to see what those people were thinking and get the inside scoop so that he would be better at defending the issue and the people. However, his argument was entirely convincing, I didn’t have a revelation during which I understood his motives and the whole book clicked. It seemed like a drawn out excuse. Because there wasn’t a whole lot of development in the plot, I didn’t feel very motivated to finish it, except to see if it got better. In my opinion, that isn’t a great reason to continue reading a book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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