God Is Able- Words & Quotes

Words from God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer:

  • doxology- a liturgical declaration of praise to God

Quotes from God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer:

“Just because He can, doesn’t mean He will. Just because He hasn’t, doesn’t mean He won’t.”

“Wouldn’t we want to be patient and wait for His absolute best?”

“…it’s possible to be a ‘disciple’ and not ‘believe.'”

“To limit His work to the range of our mind’s capacity to plan and comprehend is to limit our own experience of the extravagant capacity of God’s miracle-working potential…”

“Not everything He does makes headlines or invites peals of applause from the listening audience.”

“God knows about the little things… Because when they concern you, they’re not little things anymore.”

“God’s power doesn’t negate weariness, it just enables us to press through it with an uncommon persistence.”

“He is faithful to fill that which you bring ready to receive.”

“What if you had a lot more to tell about His work than about your worries?”


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