Eat, Pray, Love- Review

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (read May 27, 2015)

As someone who is constantly running around and has a million things to do, I found this memoir very refreshing. The thought of taking a year to travel and only do things that I really want to do is crazy, but so appealing. Many people find Liz to be selfish, immature and neurotic, because she indulges herself for this time, not caring what other people think she should do. They think the frivolousness of the expedition is absurd. However, I think it was all worth it.

“Stop and smell the roses” is one cliché that few remember anymore. We all are guilty of getting caught up in work, classes, and other responsibilities, and in that, we lose sight of our passions. I wish I could have this opportunity, to travel to countries that can teach me how to enjoy life. After going through a rough divorce, Liz takes time for herself, doing things for herself. Don’t we all deserve that much? Just because she flies around the world instead of binge-watching Netflix shows, doesn’t make her actions any worse. I even think they are better, as she is seeking to learn about herself and how to be happy.

This book is conversational, well-written, and makes a great case for enjoying yourself. While learning Italian, doing yoga and meditating, and hanging out with medicine men may not be your thing, finding things you love is well worth your time.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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